Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is among the most heavily soiled areas of your home and to look its best require frequent and professional care. With time, your carpet becomes home to numerous dust mites and bacteria which pollute the air within your rooms. What is more, spillages and day-to-day usage affect your carpet making it appear worn-off and filthy.

We have the professional equipment and cleaning technicians to revive and sanitize your carpet making sure its fresh and odour-free. Whether within home of business premises, we possess the knowledge and materials to make your carpeting spotless and as good as new! If affordable and efficient Carpet cleaning is what you are looking for- you found it! With more than 10 years of professional carpet cleaning throughout Wimbledon, we have established a regular customer base and high reputation.

Our professional Carpet cleaning session offers the following benefits:

  • Highly-skilled and experienced carpet cleaning technicians
  • Professional steam cleaning machines to deliver impeccable cleaning session
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  • Reasonable rates
  • Fully insured cleaning service

Included in our Carpet cleaning session:

  • Thorough inspection of your carpeting to determine the type of fibres and the nature of the stains. We do this in order to pick the correct cleaning method and detergents we would need in order to deliver highest-quality cleaning results.
  • Pre-treatment of stains, dirty patches and highly-soiled areas.
  • Deep and thorough carpet steam cleaning performed with care and attention to the fibres of your carpet

We also offer two extra services for the ultimate carpet maintenance:

  • Pre-spraying of your carpet: Performed with special spray solution to dissolve the dirt, oils and debris accumulated within your carpet. We recommend this service for extremely soiled carpets or ones which have not been cleaned professionally.
  • Scotchguard: A special spray applied after the cleaning process to protect the fibres of your carpet from future spillages and water-based stains. It works as a shield against dirt, debris and spots and makes your carpet easily cleanable with a simple cloth or brush.

When it comes to professional Carpet cleaning, we are one of the most efficient and affordable service providers for the Wimbledon area and the surroundings! We use the latest cleaning systems and equipment to flawlessly clean your carpeting whilst restoring its appearance. Trust our professionalism and knowledge today and rest assured your carpet is cleaned to the highest standards on the most affordable rates!