Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery cleaning can be a real hassle and performed by inexperienced hand with conventional cleaning detergents would only damage the fabric and result in even more stinky and dirty-looking soft furniture. Our mobile upholstery cleaning operators serve all Wimbledon 7 days a week. Our teams are equipped with state-of-the-art steam cleaning machines and quality detergents for the ultimate upholstery cleaning session. They are trained, equipped and qualified to clean any fabric from microfibre to leather and vinyl.

Our cleaning method promise to exterminate all dust mites and harmful bacteria and leave you with odourless and refreshed upholstered furniture. What is more, our professional steam cleaning session guarantees amazing results and minimal drying time. The cleaning products we use are environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and child- and pet-safe. We specialise in removing stubborn stains and spots caused by spillages, pets and everyday wear and tear. We will perform a specially tailored cleaning session according to the fabric type, colour and durability of your furniture. Our deep cleaning service will remove all contamination and greasiness accumulated on your sofa and will leave it bright and fresh-smelling. We will pay particular attention to the seated area and other highly-soiled parts of your furnishing.

We will do our best to remove all the stains and spots on your upholstery. However, we cannot guarantee a complete success if the stains have been on your upholstery for years. Generally, we have better results with fresher stains. So if, by any chance, your upholstery gets stained, make sure to arrange a cleaning session as soon as possible; it will ensure better cleaning results.

We have carried our numerous upholstery cleaning sessions throughout Wimbledon, and we have built up a skilled and qualified teams equipped with modern cleaning technology and efficient cleaning detergents. We are committed to preserving the environment so you can rest assured your upholstery will be cleaned with eco-safe detergents.

When our professional cleaning operators arrive at your home, they will inspect your upholstery prior to the start of the cleaning process. This is done to ensure they are familiar with the nature of the stains and the fabric of your furniture. They will identify the highly soiled areas and the most worn off places on the furniture and will choose the suitable cleaning method. They will let you know the expected results prior to the completion of the job so are confident for cleaning session.

Next follows the washing process which is executed with professional steam-operated machine which washes and disinfects simultaneously. At first, our unique upholstery solution is applied to your furniture to loosen the accumulated dirt, oils, grime and stains.

After it, the washing procedure takes place. This is the cleaning process that distinguishes professional from conventional cleaning methods. The fiber rinse in done by hot steam extraction which removes the dirt and grime whilst disinfecting and exterminating all dust mites and bacteria.

Upon your request, we can also apply protection spray on your sofas and armchairs. Our special formula spray works as a shield against water-based spillages and stains. It enables you to simply wipe off with a cloth whatever water-based spot occurs. It also protects the fabric from accumulating dust and bacteria.

Our speciality Upholstery cleaning is designed to refresh, sanitize and restore the appearance of your sofas and armchairs. It is an ideal way to improve the air quality of the rooms and maintain a healthy home or office environment.

For more than a decade we have been a top Upholstery cleaning providers for SW6! You can rest assured our expertise and experience will deliver flawless results!